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  • Duck kabāb | Anatra kabāb [EN, IT]
    Once again a tribute to flavors melting pot. We are now in Germany, Allgäu to be precise, where meat and cabbage are very popular in the kitchen. Turkish immigration was important here, therefore it’s easy to find ayran in the shops, a typical drink in Istanbul. We find ourselves near the
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  • Sunny curls | Riccioli di sole   [EN, IT]
    Here you have a fast and easy dish for travelers who stop at the beach and have little time to prepare something delicious. It combines pasta’ Italian taste with sea flavors, with a touch of crunchy given by the seeds. Ingredients for 2 people 160 gr spaghetti 1 sheet of nori seaweed 8
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  • Flying sardinhas [EN, IT]
    This dish is a tribute to St. Anthony popular feast (12 and 13 June) when all Lisbon gather in the streets in the historic neighborhoods to grill sardines and dance folk songs. We’re in Lisbon indeed and we can use Lisboa Camping & Bungalows barbecues. We propose traditional grilled
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  • Risotto Al-Gharb [EN,IT, FR]
    This vegetarian gluten-free recipe emanates Algarve (from the Arabic Al-Gharb, West) aromas, a land rich in its own flavors and in contaminations from overseas, like coriander – so common in local kitchen. Portuguese kitchen “is a poor kitchen that has been able to match flavors and
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  • La Lotte de Midi [EN,IT,FR]
    This recipe is a tribute to Marseille as a Mediterranean city where Middle Eastern and European flavors blend (it wasn’t difficult to find za’atar in Belsunce and Noaille) . Its name is a tribute to a magazine that marked the city’ recent cultural history, La pensée de Midi
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  • Les Goudes’ Testaroli [EN,IT,FR]
    Richard grew up in Lunigiana (Tuscany), where Testaroli are a traditional dish usually served with pesto. We found them in Liguria and took them with us to Marseille where Richard got the idea to cook them with shells. INGREDIENTS for 4 people 1 testarolo (normally for 4 people; you can buy it
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